The energy and focus that go into transitions has a real impact on practice. The postures themselves are never fixed and permanent, instead there is constant transformation and it's how we meet that change which is important.

I've experienced real generosity and support from yoga teachers despite the physical distances and challenges of the last few months. I am truly grateful and wanted to say thank you. Special shout outs to Anna Ashby, Eleonora Ramsby Herrera, Corrie Ananda Preece, and Paula Andreewitch.

I was trying to imagine how to do safe yoga shoots when life starts to open up. I am a big fan of shooting outdoors in isolated locations which would work better and I could shoot from a 2m distance with a zoom lens. This would give the practitioner a bit more space to become absorbed in an inward experience. I am hopeful that the understandable restrictions will lead to creative triumphs.